The Green Village residential building.

The residents of Montreal building enjoy all the benefits of an innovative project in the heart of International Geneva. Surrounded by lush vegetation and connected to the city by a wide network of public transportation and soft mobility, this PPE-marketed building consists of 48 apartments on the upper floor overlooking a space that will be dedicated to early childhood education on the ground floor.

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Building assets

The only residential building.

Within a sustainable project.

The building has a daycare.

A daycare at your disposal

Your children will be able to benefit from the implementation of the values that Green Village conveys through playful and productive activities in a place that will be entirely dedicated to them: the future neighborhood nursery.

Surrounded by the park, its lawns and its birds, the daycare center will enjoy a natural setting that is a source of curiosity and awakening for the little ones.

Supplied with 100% renewable energy, benefiting from high performance in terms of sustainability, it will offer them a purely ecological and healthy atmosphere.

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