1228 Stages - Green Village - A community of the future in Geneva

Phase 1: Montreal and Kyoto

Montreal: Delivered in 2022

Today, residents of the Montreal building enjoy all the advantages of an innovative development in the heart of international Geneva. Surrounded by lush vegetation, and connected to the city by an extensive public transport and soft mobility network, this building – marketed as a condominium (PPE, propriété par étage) – features 48 flats overlooking a childcare centre located on the ground floor.

All the flats in this building have been sold.

Kyoto: June 2024

Your Green Workplace
Delivered in June 2024, Kyoto is the first building in Green Village dedicated entirely to rented office spaces. The building offers 12,000 m2 of space across nine floors that can be divided into units of 300 m2 or more. The space can be arranged as open space or partitioned offices, depending on tenant requirements.

An energy-efficient building, the Kyoto was named after the city where – in 1997 – the historic and eponymous international treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions was signed.

Today, more than two-thirds of our workspaces are leased.

Phase 2: Stockholm, the Ecumenical Centre, and Lima

Stockholm: 2025-2027

Invest in your future
In 1972, the United Nations Conference in Stockholm was the first global conference to make the environment a central issue.

In 2023, the eponymous building and integral part of Green Village, opens to the market with a unique offer in Geneva: office space available for sale, in condominium ownership (PPE, propriété par étage), and entirely fitted out according to the needs of its future occupants.

Ecumenical Centre: 2025

The World Council of Churches is a fraternal community of 352 churches from over 120 countries and representing over 580 million Christians in the world. Listed by the Heritage and Sites Office, its historic building is set to undergo a renovation to enhance its work- and conference-spaces. The World Council of Churches (WCC) remains the owner of the building.

Lima: 2026

A World Council of Churches property, the Lima building aims to accommodate the  association’s sister organisations, as well as other NGOs, or tenants.

Building work on Lima is set to start in 2026. This building is currently under development. It will be a benchmark for sustainability, meeting the THPE and SNBS Gold labels. The pre-project also includes the use of wood in its architecture.

Phase 3: Rio and Durban


The Rio building features some 8,000m2 in space (ground floor plus 6 floors).

This building will house a hotel/apartment-hotel, with construction due to begin in 2026. Contact us for further information about this building.



The Durban building offers about 12,000 m2 in space (ground floor plus 8 floors).

This building is set to house office space, with construction due to begin in 2026. Contact us for further information about this building.


Development timeline

November 2011

The WCC launches a tender process for upgrading its plot

December 2011

Implenia wins the tender process

May 2012

Signature of the development contract between the WCC and Implenia

December 2013

LRS Architectes SA wins the architectural competition for the development of the local neighbourhood development plan (PLQ, Plan Localisé de Quartier)

July 2017

Atelier Descombes Rampini SA wins the landscape design competition

November 2017

The Ecumenical Centre and Brugger Garden are listed as historical monuments

January 2017

Obtainment of the local neighbourhood development plan (PLQ, Plan Localisé de Quartier)

October 2018

Obtainment of the building permits for Phase 1 of construction

December 2022

Building permit in force for the Ecumenical Centre & Delivery of the Montreal building

June 2024

Delivery of the Kyoto building

January 2027

Delivery of the Ecumenical Centre, and the Lima and Stockholm buildings, as well as the outdoor facilities and extension of the underground parking

January 2028

Delivery of the Rio and Durban buildings

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