Architectural description

Green Village consists of six new buildings offering offices, housing and hotel services, arranged around the Ecumenical Centre, the historic headquarters of the World Council of Churches.

The project’s pavilion concept creates a network of generous, connected green spaces, with an open layout and a variety of styles, meeting people’s needs for public access and spaces for more private use.

The environmental vision for the project focuses on maximizing green space, while providing a community of compact buildings of various sizes and complementary shapes, in the distinctive identity of a neighbourhood built with the same materials, just as a village might be.

Green Village has two major squares, one being an access square on the Route des Morillons and the second at the entrance to the Ecumenical Centre.

Architecture creates a place of welcome

Creating the best living and working environment lies at the heart of the Green Village concept. Urban lifestyle and tranquility are in perfect equilibrium, in a natural setting. The result is a welcoming combination of living accommodation, services and amenities.

The location, architecture and design features are admirable. At its best, architecture improves life; and at the Green Village, people will enjoy access to a healthy lifestyle, with footpaths, bicycles and the chance to meet up with colleagues, friends and neighbours in the park, or around a meal, with locally-sourced food at the hotel.

Green Village is designed by Geneva-based architectural firms LRS-architects, with specific buildings by Group 8, and dl-a. The buildings are subtly placed, nicely balanced, forming an aesthetic unity. The careful landscaping and rich vegetation of the public spaces invites social interaction and strengthens the sense of belonging in the village.

Green Village is a global model for sustainability. In developing the site, particular attention has been paid to energy efficiency and environmental issues, and the very latest developments in this field have been incorporated into the design.

To comply with the Canton of Geneva’s Very High Energy Performance standards, the buildings will be highly energy-efficient, fueled by 100% renewable energy from geothermal sensors, solar panels and networked (micro-grid) energy. Green Village aims for  a zero carbon footprint.

Green Village is the first property development in Geneva to follow the One Planet Living ® principles. One Planet Living ® is an initiative of the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF Suisse) to create sustainable communities in Switzerland, and among many other sustainability initiatives, one aim is to preserve the natural features of the site, in particular by conserving the indigenous flora and fauna.

«Architecture is an
expression of values.»

— Norman Foster


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Culture & Heritage

The existing buildings are home to the Ecumenical Centre, the headquarters of the World Council of Churches. They were built in the 1960s by the Honegger Brothers, renowned architects from Geneva.

In the main building are located the chapel designed by Danish architect Svend Erik Møller and the conference centre. The main building, and the garden designed by landscape architect Walter Brugger, have been classified by the Canton of Geneva upon recommendation by the Heritage Department, in order to be protected. They will be renovated to preserve their particular and visionary architectural qualities from the 1960s.

Green Village also preserves the original character of the site with its new buildings set in a layout mirroring the initial positioning of the wings around the main building; and the project highlights the landscaping typical of the international organizations’ district from that era.

This site, with its significant history and qualities, has a future as a unique place, with the continued expression of its cultural and ecological attributes.

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