1543 Sustainability - Green Village - A community of the future in Geneva

Located in the municipality of Grand-Saconnex in the Nations quarter, Green Village is the first real estate development in Geneva (and one of the three pilot projects in Switzerland) to be SEED next generation living-certified.

The sustainability action plan is based on six sustainability principles, which requires real commitment from the World Council of Churches (WCC), Implenia, and Grand-Saconnex municipality; it is the reason why every building in Green Village is named after one of the main international agreements on sustainable development.



SEED certification, part of the One Planet Living® initiative

SEED next generation living certification was developed by the Swiss Association for Sustainable Neighbourhoods (Association Suisse pour des Quartiers Durables), following on from the One Planet Living® (OPL) approach, a joint initiative by Bioregional and WWF International. SEED is a unique, independent certification based on 6 founding principles. The Association awards the certification to neighbourhoods that comply with the principles through 30 performance objectives and 60 measured indicators.

Saving energy and using it responsibly is a priority at Green Village.

Our materials do not carry any toxicity risk for the environment of the neighborhood and its occupants.

Thanks to low consumption faucets, Green Village users limit their consumption.

The 10 principles of One Planet Living®

The ten principles of One Planet Living® concern all aspects of our daily lives: health and happiness, equity and local economy, culture and community, land and nature, sustainable water, local and sustainable food, travel and transport, materials and products, zero waste, energy with zero CO2 emissions.

The 1st One Planet Living® Development in Geneva

Sustainability at Implenia

Implenia’s commitment to sustainability dates back to 2009. Since then, we have done and achieved a lot to live up to our social, environmental and economic responsibilities. In this animated video, you can find out more about our understanding of sustainability, the measures we have introduced and the topics on which we are focusing.

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