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The Montreal building welcomes its residents

The residents of Montreal finally share a place to live between city and nature, in the heart of international Geneva.

Discover two exceptional projects in the heart of Green Village

Green Village is the first project in the canton of Geneva to apply the 10 OnePlanetLiving® principles for sustainable neighborhoods.

A modern quarter, focused on the future

Green Village isn’t just another property development: it is a way of life – a unique new quarter that enables its residents and users to live in harmony with the natural environment. This new international hub offers a unique setting, close to the United Nations organisations.

Every building in Green Village symbolically bears the name of the cities that have hosted international conferences on the environment and sustainable development, namely: Kyoto; Montreal; Rio; Lima; Durban, and Stockholm.

Nestled in the heart of international Geneva, it offers office space, an apartment-hotel, and a residential building – the latter of which has already welcomed its first residents. The administrative areas are dedicated to international organisations, non-governmental organisations, as well as private companies.

With their high-quality architecture, these buildings harmoniously tie in with the recently-restored and renovated Ecumenical Centre.

Set in a lushly verdant oasis, with a park and trails, the new buildings are close to public transport (Cornavin train station and the public transport network), Geneva Airport, as well as the motorway.

The building phases

Stockholm: Your offices in condominium ownership (PPE)

In 1972, the United Nations Conference in Stockholm was the first global conference to make the environment a central issue.

In 2023, the eponymous building and integral part of Green Village, opens its doors to the market with a unique offer in Geneva: office space available for sale, in condominium ownership (PPE: « propriété par étage »), and fully fitted out based on the needs of its futures occupants.

Kyoto: Delivery in June 2024

Delivered in June 2024, Kyoto is the first office building to rent in the Green Village. The building offers 12,000 m2 of surface space spread over nine floors and divisible from 300 m2. The spaces can be converted into open space or partitioned offices depending on the needs of the tenants.

As energy-efficient building, Kyoto was named like the city thanks to the international treaty which has been signed in 1997 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A haven dedicated to sustainability at the heart of international Geneva

Montreal Open in 2022
Residences and Crèche
Stockholm 2025-2027
Offices for Sale
Kyoto June 2024
Offices for rent
Lima 2026
Rio Apartment-Hotel
Durban Offices
Ecumenical Centre 2025
  • 1 Montreal
    Open in 2022
    Residences and Crèche
  • 2 Stockholm
    Offices for Sale
  • 3 Kyoto
    June 2024
    Offices for rent
  • 4 Lima
  • 5 Rio
  • 6 Durban
  • 7 Ecumenical Centre

A benchmark in sustainable living in Geneva

An ideally-located place to live, right in the heart of Geneva’s Nations quarter.

This neighbourhood is the first in Geneva to have earned SEED next generation living certification which guarantees quality, community-focused living environments that are built with future climatic conditions in mind.

In keeping with today’s new ways of working, modern and modular office spaces are available.

With direct access to public transport, the pedestrian-only site also offers underground parking.

6 new buildings dedicated to administrative activities, housing and hotels.

A high-quality architectural complex, set in the heart of green spaces, built around the listed and renovated World Council of Churches (WCC) building.

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We interviewed Inès Lamunière, one of Switzerland's leading architects with her studio dl-a, designlab-architecture. Today she talks to us about the Stockholm building and the forthcoming renovation of the Ecumenical Centre, two projects that are particularly close to her heart.

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