For more than 150 years, Geneva’s international district has been known as a leading centre of governance and diplomacy. Today it brings together dozens of international organizations, non-governmental associations and diplomatic representatives. This large network serves as a platform for engaging in work and dialogue on issues related to peace and security, human rights, climate and environment, among others.

The depth of expertise available in Geneva provides undeniable resources for the success of these organizations.

The international district is also an area undergoing renewal, as various property developments are taking shape in order to enable and ensure the continued active presence of international organizations in Geneva. The area’s public and cultural infrastructure is also being enhanced.

Geneva international district – Jardin des Nations

Located in the municipality of Grand-Saconnex, on the corner of the route de Ferney and the route des Morillons, Green Village is being constructed in the very heart of Geneva’s international district.

Green Village’s immediate neighbour, the “Health Campus,” is home to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, as well as other organizations active in the public health domain. The headquarters of Doctors without Borders, in particular, will be developed in the new neighbouring project, the Cité des Morillons.


Time via car:

  • Lausanne45min
  • Berne1h 45min
  • Bâle3h
  • Zürich3h

Time via plane:

  • Zürich45min
  • Paris1h
  • London1h 30min
  • New York8h

Time via train:

  • Lausanne1h
  • Berne2h 15min
  • Zürich3h 10min
  • Paris4h 30min

Public Transport Links

Several bus lines run between Green Village, the airport and the city centre and through the international district. The public transport network will be further strengthened by the introduction of a tram on the route de Ferney.

The new route des Nations will reduce local traffic congestion and will provide direct access to the motorway. The new road is expected to open in 2022, according to the Canton of Geneva’s Department of Environment, Transport and Agriculture. The project will also feature two underground car parks.

Soft mobility network

Green Village is located at the heart of a soft mobility network. Two important walkways cross the site: The Cour des Nobels and the Promenade de la Paix. It is therefore easy to go anywhere in the international district on foot or by bike from Green Village. Soft mobility is encouraged by a number of facilities, such as the underground bike-park.

Everything within two kilometres


Time via public transport:

  • United Nations7min
  • Airport10min
  • Train station15min
  • City centre20min

Time via bicycle:

  • Sécheron station7min
  • International Conference Centre Geneva—CICG10min
  • World Health Organization15min
  • Lakeside15min

Time on foot:

  • World Health Organization10min
  • International Labour Organization10min
  • World Intellectual Property Organization13min
  • United Nations15min


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