593 Green Village welcomes its first villager. - Green Village - A community of the future in Geneva

A swiss multinational investment Bank is moving into Green Village.

The first villager banks on Green Village as its community of choice. Green Village is already starting to embody the spirit of Geneva as it celebrates its first lease agreement with the iconic Swiss bank.

Although we are only starting to lay down our roots for our community, this bank has already recognised the potential of Green Village, bringing our vision of an inspiring, sustainable and flourishing international ecosystem a significant step closer to reality.

Our village site is nestled in the heart of Geneva’s international community and will soon offer villagers and visitors a progressive campus where symbiotic exchanges become part of the way of life. The thoughtful architectural design of Green Village is specifically intended to foster such interactions, from the public spaces to the residential building, offices, hotel and conference centre. Whether you are a permanent resident, an office resident or a guest, you will experience the essence of the progressive and stimulating international culture that makes Geneva renowned around the world.

Consistent with the progressive and sustainable ethos of Green Village, our buildings will be named after cities that have hosted climate change conferences, allowing our values to act as the foundations for the community and ensuring sustainability remains top of mind.

What makes Green Village particularly appealing to leading businesses of today, is the harmonious coexistence of diverse living and working spaces. By combining living accommodation with office services and amenities, Green Village will allow an urban lifestyle to be balanced by the serene natural environment that surrounds the campus.

Since assisting with the commencement of the project in 2018, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) has been the exclusive commercial advisor in our search for tenants and lease negotiations. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their partnership and we look forward to welcoming more villagers who share our values in the lead up to our launch in 2023.

This first lease is a major step for the project. The idea of sustainability and modern way of doing business reflects the philosophy of Green Village and fits with the first villager credo. We are very happy for this first leas signage

— Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)

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