The current landowner, the World Council of Churches, will maintain its presence and activities on site, and is accompanied in developing the site by Implenia Suisse SA, which acts as developer, project manager and construction firm.

Rental of the office space will be managed by JLL.


The WCC is a worldwide fellowship of 348 member churches which represents more than half a billion Christians around the world. The WCC calls its member churches to seek unity, a common public witness and service to others in a world where hope and solidarity are the seeds for justice and peace. The WCC works with people of all faiths seeking reconciliation with the goal of justice, peace and a more equitable world.

Implenia is Switzerland’s leading construction and construction services company. Established in 2006, Implenia embodies a legacy of nearly 150 years of construction tradition. It gathers the expertise of its highly skilled construction units together under the roof of one company active throughout Europe, with especially strong presence in the German, Austrian, and Scandinavian infrastructure markets. With its integrated business model and specialists operating in all areas of construction, the group can manage a building project through its entire lifecycle and deliver work that is economical, integrated and customer-centred. Implenia’s focus is on striking a sustainable balance between financial success and social and environmental responsibility.
Real estate

Jones Lang LaSalle Ltd. is the Swiss subsidiary of the Jones Lang LaSalle group. Its experienced team of real-estate economists, engineers, auditors, corporate finance specialists, property managers and rental specialists, as well as a local research team, offers services for property companies, property owners and investors. Such services include the management of complex property and company transactions, the evaluation of real estate, leasing and tenant representation, project management, and strategic and organizational consultancy services relating to the ownership, development and management of property.

LRS brings together a multidisciplinary and multicultural team. Their plans come mainly from prize-winning projects and range from private houses to urban planning and from housing developments to administrative buildings to public utilities. In its work, LRS pursues an open and critical approach, probing the project’s uses, locale and regulatory parameters. Through meticulous analysis and creative reframing of the project’s constraints, they seek to generate added value and quality tuned to the specific contextual character of each project.

Within an approach that is both artisanal and creative, the studio contains professionals in design as well as the technical competencies needed for successful completion of all phases of architectural projects.

Founded in 2000 and based in Geneva, group8 is a firm active in the fields of architecture and urban planning. It bases its work on the idea that each project should reflect its context, requiring a novel design and exhibiting flexibility for changing uses. A building therefore develops a specificity and identity that make it unique. The sources of inspiration and vision come from the ever-changing society itself. Projects are a kind of visual translation of social behaviors. Group8 customizes its approaches to each project, blending the overall vision with details, a convergence of the micro and macro that forms Group’s trademark.

dl-a, designlab architecture sa, is a team of architects who share a passion for architecture. It offers a mix of innovation and experience, in which elegance is paired with practical, functional needs and building requirements. Directed by associates coming from different fields, generations and backgrounds, the team can offer unique skills for consulting, managing and completing projects. Operating in Switzerland, France, and New York, the firm is familiar with the conditions of construction in the world today.