Green Village is the World Council of Churches’ (WCC) new real estate development. It will include offices, housing and a hotel. The name reflects the site’s natural setting and a design concept aspiring to high sustainability principles.

In order to create a sustainable neighbourhood and preserve the existing park, Green Village will follow a sustainability action plan negotiated with the Swiss association for One Planet Living® (OPL) neighbourhoods. The association’s primary objective is to preserve the planet’s climate and resources. This label, developed in Switzerland by the Swiss branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Implenia Suisse SA, is based on ten principles involving the commitment of all stakeholders during and after the buildings’ construction. Among other issues, these principles aim to achieve operational carbon neutrality; the optimisation of waste management at all phases of the project; access to public transport and soft mobility; as well as improvement in the general quality of life and well-being of users.

Future tenants in Kyoto – the name of Green Village’s first administrative building – will work in an environment where biodiversity will have a real place, in a rich and diverse natural environment, where the whole community (residents, employees or operators) will be able to interact easily and will benefit from a vibrant social and cultural setting.

The One Planet Living label

“The sustainability action plan proposed by the Swiss association for OPL neighbourhoods aims to facilitate, for example, the achievement of ambitious objectives in terms of climate change risks and biodiversity loss management” explains François Guisan, Sustainable Development Integrator at Implenia Suisse SA. Its implementation reflects the significant societal commitment of the landowner, the developer and the municipality. The approach also provides tools to evaluate the qualitative aspects of the real estate project. OPL encourages a broader vision of sustainability, beyond energy issues

The One Planet Living label

Building materials produced locally are favoured, as well as the recycling of materials from existing buildings on demolition. The buildings will be 100% powered by renewable energy sourced from the heat within the earth (geothermal energy), by photovoltaic solar panels which will produce electricity for users on the site, or for management through a network, such as a “microgrid”. Microgrids simultaneously optimize needs and energy supply in real time allowing more efficient energy consumption. Kyoto and all other Green Village buildings will comply with the “Very High Energy Performance” standards of the Canton of Geneva. The “zero waste objective”, which aims at recycling any produced waste, will be achieved via the implementation of an eco-point on the site and via Grand-Saconnex municipality’s waste management policy.

Concerning the question of mobility, the site will be very well served by public transport, particularly with the future extension of tramline 15. “Companies will be invited to follow a mobility plan and to join the international organisations’ mobility group that organises mobility solutions within the area”, says François Guisan.

With the development of a sustainable urban district such as Green Village, the WCC combines culture and heritage, one of the strong principles of the OPL label. The WCC is a fellowship of 350 churches representing more than 500 million Christians worldwide. It calls on its members to seek unity, to give common public witness and to serve others in a world where hope and solidarity are the foundation for justice and peace.

The One Planet Living Event

On the 20th of June, an event dedicated to the presentation of the OPL label was jointly organised by the WCC and Implenia Suisse SA at the Ecumenical Centre in Grand-Saconnex. On this occasion WCC, WWF, Implenia Suisse SA and JLL successfully presented the context of the creation of OPL, its approach and their vision for a more sustainable real estate sector.

By meeting all these performance objectives, Green Village will become the first real estate project in the Canton of Geneva with the OPL label.

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