A community of the future

Green Village stands in the centre of Europe, nestled in the heart of Geneva’s international community. It features a residential building, offices, a restaurant, a hotel and a conference centre. To meet the demands of the future, the design incorporates technological innovation, integrates spaces for living and working, and provides ease of access. With its distinctive architecture and public spaces, Green Village is also designed to foster interaction among all who live or work or visit there.

Green Village surrounds the existing Ecumenical Centre of the World Council of Churches. Built in the 1960s by the Honegger Brothers, renowned architects from Geneva, it is listed as protected by the Canton of Geneva.

A global catalyst for peace and justice, the WCC has for 70 years fostered unity, public witness and service not only for churches but for humanity everywhere, working closely with other international organizations in Geneva. Among the factors inspiring the architectural concept is the experience of the WCC in actively embracing human diversity and promoting meaningful exchange. In fact, the spirit of Geneva is a unique example of how dialogue between cultures works, and Green Village embodies that ideal.

The buildings in Green Village are named after cities that have hosted climate-change conferences, to encourage a greater sense of community in an environmentally friendly setting.

Green Village stands for harmony

Architecture and hospitality are one

Creating the best living and working environment lies at the heart of the Green Village concept. It strikes a balance between urban life and serenity in a natural setting. The result is a welcoming combination of living accommodation, services and amenities.

The location, architecture and design features are admirable. At its best, architecture improves life; and at Green Village it will be a healthy lifestyle, with footpaths, bicycles and the chance to meet up with colleagues, friends and neighbours in the park, or around a meal, with locally-sourced food at the hotel.

Green Village is designed by Geneva-based architectural firms LRS-architects, with specific buildings by Group 8, and dl-a. The buildings are subtly placed, nicely balanced, forming an aesthetic unity. The careful landscaping and rich vegetation of the public spaces invite social interaction and strengthen the sense of belonging in the village.

Green Village is at the vanguard of sustainability. In developing the site, particular attention has been paid to energy efficiency and environmental issues, and the very latest developments in this field have been incorporated into the design.

To comply with the Canton of Geneva’s Very High Energy Performance standards, the buildings will be highly energy-efficient, fuelled by 100 percent renewable energy from geothermal sensors, solar panels and networked (micro-grid) energy, resulting in a zero carbon footprint.

Green Village is the first property development in Geneva to aim for One Planet Living ® certification. standards, The certification is an initiative of the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF Suisse) to create sustainable communities in Switzerland, and among many other sustainability initiatives, one aim is to preserve the natural features of the site, in particular by conserving the indigenous flora and fauna.


«Architecture is an expression of values.»

Norman Foster

«Architecture is an expression of values.»

Norman Foster

An ideal location at the heart of Geneva’s international district.

Quality office space, with floors designed to maximize utilization, with a high degree of flexibility in layouts.

High-quality green spaces and a dense network of soft mobility options.


Green Village in summary

  • A total of six buildings, with office space, residential accommodation, and a hotel
  • An architectural complex centred around a historic, renovated, listed building
  • Conceived and designed by well-known Geneva-based architectural firms:
  • LRS-architectes, Group8, dl-a
  • An estate for pedestrians only
  • 48 new apartments
  • A crèche and two underground car parks