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Cookie and Social Media Notice

1. What is this Cookie and Social Media Notice about?

This Cookie and Social Media Notice explains how we use cookies, web beacons and simi-lar technologies in connection with your use of and interaction with our websites www.green-village.ch and www.green-village.ch/de/stockolm, (collectively the «web-site»). This Notice also provides you with information on how we process personal data on our social media platforms. «We» and «us» refers to the legal entity stated in the Impressum.
This Cookie and Social Media Notice must be read in conjunction with the Privacy Notice of the Implenia group, which provides you with more information about the personal data that we collect, including via cookies, how we process this data and your rights. If infor-mation in the Privacy Notice contradicts information in this Cookie and Social Media No-tice, the latter prevails.

2. How can you contact us?

The controller of the data processing is available in the Impressum of the website.
You may contact us for data protection concerns and to exercise your rights mentioned in the Privacy Notice as follows:

Implenia AG
Thurgauerstrasse 101 A
CH-8152 Glattpark (Opfikon)

Contact details for additional roles (e.g., a data protection officer according to articles 37 et seq. GDPR), if legally required, can be found in the Privacy Notice.

3. What are cookies and similar technologies?

A cookie is a small text file with an identifier (a sequence of letters and numbers) that is transmitted between the server and your system. This allows us and the third-party pro-viders we engage or cooperate with to recognize visitors to our website and track them across multiple visits and across different websites. Cookies enable recognition of a spe-cific device or browser and do not necessarily contain information that personally identi-fies a user. However, your personal data that we or third-party providers contracted by us store may be linked to the information stored in and obtained from cookies and thus pos-sibly to your person.
In addition to cookies, there are other similar techniques such as pixel tags, fingerprints and social media plug-ins. Pixel tags are small, usually invisible images or a program code that are loaded by a server and provide the server operator with certain information (e.g. access to a website). Fingerprints consist of information that we receive from your terminal device during your visit to the website about the configuration of your terminal device or browser, which makes it possible to distinguish your terminal device from other devices. Social media plug-ins are small pieces of software that establish a connection between your visit to our website and a third-party social media platform. The social me-dia plug-in tells the third-party provider that you have visited our website and may transmit cookies to the third-party provider that it has previously placed on your web browser. For more information about how these third-party providers use your personal data collected via their social media plug-ins, please refer to their respective privacy no-tices.

4. What types of cookies and similar technologies do we use?

The cookies and similar technologies we use on our websites serve the following purpos-es (similar technologies are included in each case):

  • Marketing cookies: Marketing cookies help us and our advertising partners to show you advertisements on our website for offers or services that may be of interest to you, or to display our advertisements if you continue to browse the Internet after leaving our website, i.e. to show you targeted advertisements. Before we use such cookies, we ask for your consent.
  • Functional cookies: Functional cookies collect information about how our website is used and allow us to perform analytics about the usage of our website, such as which pages are viewed most frequently and how visitors navigate our website. These cookies are used to make visiting the website easier and faster and generally improve user experience and comfort, as well as to enable advanced functionali-ties, such as playing videos or displaying maps. For this purpose, we use third-party analytics services. Before we use such cookies, we ask for your consent.
  • Essential cookies: Some cookies are essential for the use of the website and its functions. These cookies ensure the essential functionality of the website, for ex-ample, the ability to navigate from page to page without losing information that was entered in a form or to save language settings.

Some of the third-party vendors we use may be located outside of Switzerland. For infor-mation on the disclosure of data abroad, please refer to the Privacy Notice. If you consent to the use of cookies, you accept that your data may be transferred to a country that does not have an adequate level of data protection and accept the risk that your data may be exposed to access by foreign authorities in the country of the recipient, who may not ad-here to adequate data protection regulations in so doing. You may revoke your consent to cookies at any time, as explained in Section 5.
We may use offers, among others, from the following service providers and advertising partners (where they use data from you or cookies set on your computer for advertising purposes):

  • Google Analytics: Google Ireland Ltd (located in Ireland) is the provider of the ser-vice «Google Analytics» and acts as our processor. Google Ireland relies on Google LLC (located in the United States) as its sub-processor (both «Google»). Google col-lects information about the behavior of visitors to our website (duration, page views, geographic region of access, etc.) through performance cookies (see above) and on this basis creates reports for us about the use of our website. We have con-figured the service so that the IP addresses of visitors are truncated by Google in Europe before forwarding them to the United States and then cannot be traced back. We have turned off the «Data sharing» option and the «Signals option». Alt-hough we can assume that the information we share with Google is not personal data for Google, it may be possible that Google may be able to draw conclusions about the identity of visitors based on the data collected, create personal profiles and link this data with the Google accounts of these individuals for its own purpos-es. In any event, if you consent to the use of Google Analytics, you expressly con-sent to any such processing, including the transfer of your personal data (in particu-lar website and app usage, device information and unique IDs) to the United States and other countries and you accept the risks that your data may be potentially sub-ject to government lawful access in the recipient’s country, despite the safeguards we put in place. Information about data protection with Google Analytics can be found here: support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245 and if you have a Google account, you can find more details about Google’s processing here: poli-cies.google.com/technologies/partner-sites.

5. How can I control the use of cookies and similar technologies?

Browsers can automatically accept or reject cookies, but allow you to change these set-tings. You can also disable or delete cookies that you have previously accepted. Note that all settings are lost if you delete all cookies, including the setting that you do not want to accept cookies, as this in turn requires that an opt-out cookie has been set. The settings must be made separately for each browser you use. You can find out how to manage cookies in the help menu of your browser.
If you choose to decline cookies and similar technologies, you can still use our website, but your access to some features and areas of our website may be limited.

6. What data do we process on our social media pages?

We may operate pages and other online presences («fan pages», «channels», «profiles», etc.) on social media and other platforms operated by third parties and process the data about you described in the Privacy Notice. We receive this data from you and the plat-forms when you come into contact with us via our online presence (e.g. when you com-municate with us, comment on our content or visit our presence). At the same time, the Platforms’ providers may analyze your use of our Online Presence (e.g. how you interact with us, how you use our Online Presence, what you view, comment on, or «like») and process this data along with other data they have about you (e.g. information about your age and gender and other demographic information). In this way, they create profiles about you and statistics about the use of our online presences. They use this data and these profiles to display our or other advertisements and other personalized content on the Platform and to drive behavior on the Platform, but also for market and user research and to provide us and other parties with information about you and the use of our Online Presence. To the extent that we are jointly responsible (Joint Controller) with the provider for certain types of processing, we will enter into a corresponding contract with the pro-vider. You can find out about the main content of these contracts from the provider. They also process this data for their own purposes, in particular for marketing and market re-search purposes (e.g. to personalize advertising) and to manage their platforms (e.g. to decide what content to show you), and act as separate controllers for this purpose.
We are entitled, but not obliged, to review content before or after it is published on our online presences, to delete content without notice and, if necessary, to report it to the provider of the relevant platform. In the event of violations of decency and conduct rules, we may also notify the Platforms’ provider for blocking or deletion.
For further information on processing by the Platforms’ provider, please refer to the priva-cy notices of the respective platform. There you can also find out in which countries your data is processed, what rights of access and deletion you have and how you can exercise these or obtain further information. The following information applies to users from Eu-rope. We currently use the following platforms:

7. Can we update this Cookie and Social Media Notice?

This Cookie and Social Media Notice is not part of a contract with you. We can change this Cookie and Social Media Notice at any time. The version published on this website is the current version.