3362 Green Village, a district that puts the well-being of its users first - Green Village - A community of the future in Geneva

As the first real estate project in Geneva to implement the ten principles of One Planet Living (OPL), and to be awarded the SEED label by the Swiss Association for Sustainable Neighborhoods, Green Village has set itself the mission of being exemplary in both ecological and social terms. The first three principles of OPL are linked to this theme. Here’s an overview of the measures implemented to ensure the well-being of the neighborhood’s users.

User health and wellbeing

Green Village attaches great importance to the health of the people who live and work there. Particular attention is paid to air quality: the demanding Minergie-Éco thresholds are respected for the various tracers (radon, volatile organic solvents and formaldehydes). Room temperature and humidity are also monitored, and every measure is taken to ensure that interior spaces are as pleasant as possible for users, whatever the season.

In terms of accessibility, the entire infrastructure is adapted for people with reduced mobility (PRM), with no obstacles in the way. In addition, every effort is made to satisfy all users, with the aim of ensuring that 80% of residents and workers prefer Green Village to their previous place of residence or work.

Integrating the notion of equity and the local economy

Local economy and equity are essential to Green Village. The neighborhood offers mixed use with :

  • 6 different uses, including housing, work, childcare, local shops, restaurants and hotels.
  • 4 investment models, explained and highlighted to users and owners for greater transparency, including energy production directly on site by third parties.
  • A treasury set up to finance a “sustainable steward“, responsible for animating life at Green Village. In addition to offering workshops and activities to foster community links, this will raise awareness of sustainability throughout the life of the project, and enable people to discover the various professions working at the heart of Green Village.

What’s more, during the construction phase, 100% of the companies selected are local and respect Swiss social conventions, a guarantee of quality and confidence for the future users and owners of the neighborhood.

Respect for culture, heritage and the local community

Green Village has a strong identity, while preserving the existing cultural heritage. With this in mind, the “Jardin Brügger” and the Geneva Ecumenical Centre, both listed by the “Commission des monuments, de la nature et des sites (CMNS)” at the instigation of the project’s promoters, will be restored and modernized in keeping with their historical dimension.

The district is also intended to host festive and cultural events, such as the Fête de la Musique. Visits by primary and secondary school classes are also planned, to present the full range of Green Village’s sustainable actions to future generations. Finally, a community space will be created on the first floor of the Lima building and managed by the “sustainable steward” to raise awareness of environmental issues. It will also serve as a place to meet and relax. The chapel, garden and shops will also be open and shared by residents, workers and passers-by.

Green Village, an exemplary development for the planet

By adopting the ten guiding principles of One Planet Living, Green Village has established itself as a pioneer in the field of sustainable real estate, while advocating respect for the individual.

Download Green Village's One Planet Living action plan